Football Federation PNG launches website


THE second football association in the country, the Football Federation PNG, wants to capitalise on available information technology to bring football right down to the grassroots level.
The FFPNG launched its new website this week.
With the advent of mobile phones, the FFPNG senior vice-president Roy Kamen said the website provides all information on the activities of FFPNG including the premier league challenge, the National Premier League and also the association calendar.
Kamen thanked his president John Kapi Natto for the initiative to start up the website which would be open to the public to access FFPNG information.
“Now you can access FFPNG on your fingertips,” Kamen, the president of the Lae Football Association, said.
Kapi Natto endorsed Kamen’s remarks stating that the launching of the website was a special occasion and a milestone.
“Internet is a tool that goes to every part of the country which makes it more accessible to everyone who owns a mobile phone,” he said.
Kapi Natto said the FFPNG calendar was another very important tool so people must plan in advance their football activities.
“Our website is linked with Facebook which will be beneficial to our readers, supporters and the stakeholders involved with football in the country,” he said.
He said with the calendar and website, all associations with FFPNG must plan out their events and did not have to wait until the last minute.
“We want to do things professionally and the website plus the calendar are very important,” the FFPNG president said.
“We want the game of football to reach every corner of the country.”
Kapi Natto also announced the appointment of four FFPNG regional coordinators which are Spencer Manhi (NGI), Robert Upaiga (Highlands), Edward Mimino (Southern) and Stanley Khanna (Northern).
He said they were volunteers to help promote football under FFPNG,