Foreign Minister must lift ban on missionaries

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 2nd, 2015

 PERMIT me to express my deepest disappointment on the (deportation and) refusal of entry of the American Lutheran Missionaries in Enga Province.

I am not happy with  the comments made by the former Head Bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran Church (GLC) of Papua New Guinea, Rev. David Piso in The National yesterday (October 1) and the call made by Governor of Enga Province, Sir Peter Ipitas the day earlier on the (deportation and) refusal of entry of the American Lutheran Missionaries.

As a born Lutheran (GLC), I have noticed that the Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (Church) has long been involved in Church Politics. 

Why is it that the Church had to go through such, let alone a Rev. David Piso with his cronies playing Church Politics driven by pride and greed dragged the church to disparity? 

It is disappointing to see Rev. Piso still sticking his nose to the affairs of the Church after he has been ousted. 

Is it not enough that you (Rev.Piso) have mismanaged the church for long? Look what you have done to the Church; mismanaged church properties, selling them out, running down Church agencies, schools, Hospitals, Health Centres and Aid Posts in the Province.  Now the church lies in despair.

I call on the good MP for Wapenamanda Electorate and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Hon. Rimbink Pato to reverse his decision and let the dedicated Missionaries serve the Province. 

I don’t see the reason these poor missionaries being stopped from doing what they do and have been doing for all their life. The people of Enga love the Missionaries. 

My good MP and Minister, in your short term in office you are doing very well in the District and the Country. 

Don’t let that down the drain.

Stop doing favours! Stop taking sides in the auspices of Law and do what is right for the Missionaries, the Church, the District, the Province and more importantly do it for the people. 

Reverse your decision of deportation and permit entry of the humble and committed Missionaries.

I also call on the Prime Minister, who is a Lutheran, to intervene.


Kaiyam Pasare,

Gerehu, NCD