Forest board ceases Mayur Renewables’ carbon permits


THE National Forest Board has told Mayur Renewables (PNG) Ltd to cease all activities relating to the three carbon permits it was issued with to operate in Western.
Board chairperson Faith Barton said the permits issued to the company on Jan 7, 2022 was purposely for carbon credits.
“The National Forest Board wishes to advise on its decision for the cancellation relating to the three carbon permits previously issued over Kamula Doso Blocks 1,2 and 3, in Western,” Barton said.
“All three permits were issued to Mayur Renewables (PNG) Limited on Jan 7, 2022 purposely for carbon credits.”
The board resolved on April 14, 2022 that the carbon permits were issued in breach of the Forestry Act 1991.
It said Mayur Renewables (PNG) Ltd was not recognised as a forest industry participant.
Thus the carbon permits FCCTP 1-01, FCCTP 1-02 and FCCTP 1-03 relating to the Kamula Doso Blocks 1,2 and 3 “are now deemed void and of no legal effect whatsoever”.
Attempts by The National to get comments from Mayur Resources were unsuccessful.
According to information on the company’s website, Mayur Resources has three business focuses in the country, one of which is renewable energy.
It lists carbon offset projects and geothermal projects under renewable energy.
According to Mayur Resources, seven carbon credit projects have been targeted in PNG, covering 1.4 million hectares.
Three projects were granted totalling 800,000 hectares.