Forestry encouraged to come up with a plan


FOREST Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says the PNG National Forestry Authority (PNGNFA) should have a corporate plan drafted to guide the authority into the future.
Tomuriesa instructed acting managing director Goodwill Amos, and the board and management during the dedication service at its headquarters in Port Moresby on Friday to come up with a plan.
He told staff that the new management levy of K20 per cubic metre would also help to support the organisation’s operations.
“Forests contributes K1.3 billion annually to the revenue of this country,”Tomuriesa said.
“In terms of GDP, we contribute somewhere between seven to eight per cent.
“This is a significant contribution from the perspective of an authority in the country.
“In forestry, we have 2000 ILGs (incorporated land groups) with forest management areas (FMAs).
“There are 25 FMAs in the country.”
Tomuriesa said PNGNFA would continue to work with other relevant agencies like Agriculture and Livestock, Lands, Transport and Conservation and Environment Protection Authority to ensure that forests achieved maximum benefits for landowners.
“We have about 350 workers,” he said.
“You look after a big chunk of the people.
“That is about 700,000 people who are affected by your duties and responsibilities.
“Let us complete those responsibilities like the corporate plan.
“We need the corporate plan to be done.
“We need an annual plan.
“Please help us to put a plan together so that I will be able to bring it to Cabinet for approval and presented to Parliament.”
Tomuriesa said the PNGFA received between K20 million and K30 million every year from the Government for its operations.
He said with the management levy, PNGFA could make between K40 million and K50 million.
Tomuriesa urged provincial forest officers to collect the K20 per cubic metre levy.
He said the money would enable PNGFA to also look at the welfare of its staff.