Forestry eyes marketing agency


THE PNG Forest Authority plans to establish a State marketing agency to facilitate revenue generation, according to managing director John Mosoro.
Mosoro said it would be in line with the downstream processing of forest products in the country.
The Government aims to have 50 per cent downstream processing by 2030 and eventually phase out round export logs.
“It will go down into different products, not only sawn timber,” Mosoro said.
“We will go into different products and plywood, cheap mill and going down to actual products.
“In terms of revenue generation, we have established a state marketing agency under the Forestry Act.
“It will be used as our company to generate revenue.
“There are many streams.
“One is downstream processing, where we will use the funds.
“There are some other talks is that we have joint venture agreement with our partners.
“They will work with us and then we look at benefit-sharing.
“Our main focus now is to get the maximum benefit to the landowners.
“When we have one concessions under forestry, that concession, we will give maximum benefits to the landowners and the district development authorities.”