Forget reserved seats

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

DAME Carol Kidu and her band of merry women are really pushing for gender equality.
As such, why demand for 22 reserved seats for women?
As we all know, politics is a dirty, expensive and, in some cases, can be a life threatening game in PNG.
This bill must not be passed.
Why waste much needed funds on another 22 people who are not likely to have any clout in parliament as they do not have the people’s mandate?
While I agree with Dame Carol that more women needed to be included in the decision making process of this country, these people must be in parliament on merit.
If this bill is passed, it will set a precedent.
Other minority groups will also make a case to be represented in parliament.
This will not only pose a danger but will turn parliament into a circus.