Former anti-corruption detective charged


A former National Fraud and Anti-Corruption detective has been charged with allegedly owning a house that was under investigation, National Fraud and Anti-Corruption (NFAC) director Mathew Damaru says.
Agatha Poga, 39, of Gunange village in Sinasina -Yongugmul, Chimbu, was arrested and charged with one count of false pretence, one count of conspiracy to defraud and one count of misappropriation of property valued at K250,000.
Poga was formerly senior fraud investigator at NFAC Directorate and recently transferred to Criminal Investigation Division at Boroko Police Station.
She allegedly committed the offences as a fraud investigator whilst attached to NFACD. It is alleged that she committed the offences by colluding with others and using her office as a fraud investigator requested a property file described as Section 71 Allotment 8, Gordon, on the pretext that she was conducting investigation into the property.
Using her brother-in-law Wemin Boi, an employee of NHC who has already been charged in the matter and former managing director for National Housing Corporation John Dege, who was also charged, the title of the property was transferred to her associate.
The property in question was on sale to Jack Nambari who had already made part payment to the National Housing Corporation.
There was also a court order in place restraining the sale of the property but they went ahead and dealt with the property by cancelling the offer to Nambari.
NHC then sold the property to Poga’s associate.
The new offer and sale were done without the knowledge of the conveyance unit of NHC.
The conduct of Poga was deceiving in that she got the files under the pretence of investigating the unit.
She conspired with others and misappropriated the property in question.
Damaru said the arrest of Poga signalled a warning to other members of the constabulary and particularly the members of NFACD.
He said the public should not hesitate to report such cases.

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