Former BPNG deputy governor arrested

National, Normal

FORMER Bank of Papua New Guinea deputy governor Flora Carruthers was arrested on a bench warrant issued by the National Court last Friday.
Her arrest was over a matter five years ago relating to an alleged misappropriation of about K16,000 in travel allowance which she allegedly did not acquit after her travel overseas in her capacity as deputy governor of the BPNG and its pending issues.
She appeared before the Waigani National Court yesterday seeking bail and also seeking to set aside the bench warrant based on which she was arrested.
However, the National Court presided by Justice Nicholas Kirriwom adjourned the matter to today, due to the Public Prosecutors being short-served with the court documents, filed by the counsel for the accused seeking bail for his client.
Kirriwom convened for the matter yesterday afternoon, to find that the lawyer taking carriage of the matter from the public prosecutors office, was not available for
the hearing.
So, he took a short adjournment and waited for the appearance of the lawyer who, on appearance, asked for an adjournment, due to the short-service.
Before the adjournment, Kirriwom said this was a “very important matter” involving a senior public servant, so it was necessary to grant time for lawyers on both sides to be properly prepared to argue the case.
Carruthers has been in custody at the Boroko cells since last Friday, when she was arrested.