Former BRA urges PNG Government to allow independence

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A FORMER secretary of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and interim government has called on the PNG Government to let Bougainville gain independence.
Martin Miriori said following “an overwhelming landslide victory supporting independence for Bougainville, PNG has no choice but to let Bougainville go”.
Miriori urged PNG to “respect and honour the will of the people being democratically expressed through the ballot box by formally endorsing and ratifying the independence for Bougainville as quickly as possible within the next two to three years”.
“With its vast wealth and resources, Bougainville is certainly ready and is prepared to establish new relations and forge ahead with nation-building,” he said.
Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed “the successful holding of the referendum, as well as all voters, for their dedication and peaceful conduct of the process”.
“This historic referendum marks an important step forward in the ongoing implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement,” he said.
“The United Nations has been present in Bougainville since 1998 and will continue to support the implementation of the peace agreement at the request of the parties.”


  • PNG Constitution does not allow any province to break away from PNG and form its own country. A vote for greater autonomy is possible. Not break away. The mama law does not have provision for such moves by any province

  • And so they got what they wanted and fought for. Let them have their freedom, hence, their country. God Bless Bougainvillge. Please run your country differently to what mama PNG is doing, especially at public service systesm. We all know that corruption at the systems core is killing progress of PNG for far too long. So yupla traim na mekim samting different then PNG. If not then you will drive your country back, way back.

  • Olo BUKA, Yes, you have spoken because of influences. That feeling and those euphoric imaginations of your future will not materialize.
    Sore steret. tokpisin bai stap yet wantaim PNG.
    You now have two countries, one is headed by Noah Misungu. the other by John Momis.

  • Ol Boys lo BRA too bai kam, ol yet statim independent, ino Momis or Noah etc.. so yupla yet skelim.
    PNG army has stay out of this.

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