Former chief OC backs new democratic party’s

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE new PNG Constitutional Democratic Party held an awareness campaign on what it stands for in Goroka early this month.
Party secretary Tobias Tomas said their vision for the nation was to fight corruption and poverty.
Tomas said the party had a plan to respect regulations and go against all law breakers.
He said the party’s purpose “is to protect PNG constitutional law because it’s there to bring us together”.
Tomas said his party was for democracy and not regionalism.
Former chief ombudsman Ila Geno supported the party’s push for success.
Geno said the party was now laying the foundation for young generation.
“Our children must not be affected by corruption and manipulation,” he said.     
Geno said they should go out in the rural areas to recruit more members.
One of the invited guests thanked Tomas and Geno for the party’s structures and the core policy pillars.
They said more than 200 peoplew attended the first meeting to find out what the party stood for.