Former envoy vows to provide water supply


Former ambassador Gabriel Dusava says he will provide a better water supply to East Sepik should he be elected governor this month.
Dusava, who is contesting the East Sepik Regional seat in this general election under the People’s Progress Party flag, said he can bring that about by implementing a K12 million water purification and desalination project to convert muddy and salt water into fresh water for communities along the Sepik River, Sepik plain, coastal areas and Wewak islands.
Dusava, who was ambassador to Japan, said at Pagwi, in the Woseara-Gawi electorate, on Monday that he had secured the funding from the Japanese government in 2013, “but the provincial administration had shelved the project due to reasons known only to them. So when becoming the governor, I will reactivate the project and implement it.
“That project is on my first priority if I become the governor. This project is a must because water is life.”
Dusava claims to have an international network that he can use to source funding for projects in the area.