Former management sold office: Manager


THE National Housing Corporation (NHC) senior management in Port Moresby made the decision to sell its Wewak office for K800,000, Wewak NHC manager David Wauwe said.
Wauwe, currently unattached, told The National that the decision was made by then Housing and Urban development minister Paul Esikiel, acting managing director Ditha Morris and other senior staff.
He said this in response to recent comments by Housing and Urban Development Minister Justin Tkatchenko that: “We cannot allow junior officers in the province to sell properties without following proper procedures”.
“The sale of the office in Wewak was not done by me, it was an executive decision done by Esikiel, acting managing director Ditha Morris and his management,” Wauwe said.
“All this transpired in Port Moresby at the Tokarara office and all payments were receipted.
“The sale took place in two parts, the first payment was made through a K400,000 bank cheque following a second K400,000 cash payment.
“There were about three interested parties and two of them did not agree to the sale condition and it was offered to the one who currently has possession of the property.
“Normally, when a sale is done, provincial managers do recommendations but not the sale itself which is the first stage of the process.
“Then the board deliberates on it and a response to sell or not sell.
“At that time the sale of the office was done to cater for urgent need of salary payment of NHC staff.
“This was because NHC was having problems of staff not getting paid their wages for a number of fortnights.
“There were reports produced and given to former managing director Kenneth Cooke and former Housing Minister John Kaupa.”

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