Former mayor denies K7mil claim


FORMER Lae Mayor James Khay has refuted claims that properties worth more than K7 million were sold or leased during his tenure.
He said this in response to claims by former Lae City Council manager Roy Kamen that he had sold and leased the properties.
Khay urged owners of the properties that were sold by council to clarify who sold or leased them the properties.
He claimed that the selling of a residence at section 32, loot 19, Raun Wara, was not done when he was the mayor.
“I have never sold or leased any Lae City Council properties as claimed by former city manager Roy Kamen,” Khay said.
“The allegations made against me were baseless and shallow.
“I have a clean record, however, some people are trying to spoil my reputation as a leader.
“It is a matter of public interest so I want to know who sold these properties.
“Therefore an investigation must be done to clarify this.
“I am not here to tarnish anyone’s name.
“I want an investigation to take place so that those responsible for selling these properties can be held accountable.”