Former MP disputes win by Ganasi

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

DEPUTY Parliament Speaker and South Fly member Aide Ganasi’s election win is being challenged by former parliamentarian Conrad Haoda.
Haoda, who owns and operates a guest house on Daru Island, was the member for South Fly from 2002 to 2007.
He was ousted in the 2007 elections by Sali Subam and Subam lost the seat in this year’s election to former army officer Ganasi.
The case is set for a direction hearing at 9.30am on Sept 28 at the Waigani National Court.
Haoda and Ganasi were candidates for the South Fly Electorate in this years election.
The former member was one of the 37 candidates and was runner-up, polling 3,458 votes. Ganasi was declared the winner with 3,489 votes on July 23.
In his petition, Haoda alleged corrupt and unlawful practices.
“This is the first time in history that a South Fly candidate has been petitioned,” Haoda said.
“And two separate petitions have been lodged so definitely something is wrong.”
He said the other petition was filed by Subam and had three other candidates supporting it.
“What I want voters to know why I’m taking him to court is because I don’t want this trend of politics to continue and this must be a lesson to everyone in South Fly,” Haoda said.