Former MP queries K16.2million audit

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The National, Monday, May 23, 2011

FORMER Wewak MP Jim Simatab has accused Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau of misleading parliament regarding the recent K16.2 million audit report of the district.
Simatab said it was unbecoming of a leader to question Finance and Treasury Minister Peter O’Neill about the report when copies of the audit funded by Manwau using K50,000 of the district monies were not made available to him or Simatab and members of the JDPBPC to make a response.
Simatab said even Manwau’s allegation of misuse of the funds during his reign were baseless as the district now had some significant developments.
Some of the notable developments included a water supply at Manwau’s village, purchase of a boat for the health centre on his island and renovation of the health facility and a double classroom for St Martin’s primary school on the same island.
“These are credible physical evidence of the money in his own area which his relatives are benefiting from. We have no­thing to conceal,” Simatab said of his JDPBPC.
The other projects included the reha­bili­tation of Hawain Surumba, Urip Sapuain and Wangin Manuwara to Parua S amawia roads, purchase of two police vehicles for Wewak police, a dump truck for Moem barracks, a support bus for the Wewak General Hospital and a number of double classrooms for schools in all LLGs of the district.