Former MP rejects patron position

National, Normal

FORMER Koroba-Lake Kopiago MP Andrew Wabiria is not accepting his appointment as patron of the Hela Transitional Authority (HTA).
“I was overlooked by the Government. The appointment announced by HTA chairman James Marape was an oversight,” the veteran advocate of Hela province said.
Mr Wabiria said: “I have given the prime of my life for the cause of Hela since 1974 until my vision was realised last year.
“It’s a slap in the face for someone who fought for Hela and not be given any recognition in the formation of the HTA. It’s an unforgivable insult to me.
“Was I considered in the first place before the formation and composition of the HTA board? The appointment was an afterthought and did not truly reflect what transpired in the NEC decision.”
From what he knew, Mr Wabiria said he was not appointed by cabinet, in consistent with section 8 (c) of the HTA Act 2009, as claimed by Mr Marape who is also Tari-Pori MP and Education Minister.
“I was included later and my position as a patron is neither recognised nor created by the cabinet,” he said.
“I will not accept the position as it was not created by the cabinet and will remain as an icon and advocate for the soon-to-be province.
“I am still proud to see my dream come true for Hela even though the Government had overlooked my contributions,” he said.