Former MP urges students to inspire change in workplace

Youth & Careers

JIWAKA students at the University of Goroka were urged to become agents of change when they enter start teaching.
Businessman and philanthropist Benjamin Mul made the remarks when giving the keynote speech at the Jiwaka Students Association closing night. Mul, who was a former North Waghi MP, gave two pigs to farewell the final-year students.
The event also served as the handover ceremony of the association’s executives.
Mul told more than 300 Jiwaka students, university staff and friends at the event that the country needed teachers to be not only competent, dedicated and professional workers but to also be agents of change.
“How can we take back PNG?” Mul asked in echoing Prime Minister James Marape’s catch cry.
“To take PNG back we need teachers who can become role models to impart positive behaviour and discipline in students.”
Mul said teachers needed to conduct themselves ethically to avoid a “bad reflection on a noble profession”.