Former Ombudsman investigator urges community to vote wisely

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013


A LEADER from Rigo inland, Central, is advising his people to choose wisely when voting in the local level government election which begins tomorrow.

Former Ombudsman senior investigator Dennis Duana Siro said: “There has been a lack of government service delivery. Basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges are deteriorating.

“Roads linking remote parts of Rigo inland to the district headquarters at Kwikila and Port Moresby are in a terrible state and need improvement.

“This dire state is evident in Ikega, Wiga, Gobakigoro, Gurogoro and villages beyond where people walk to Sivitatana to catch PMVs into Kwikila and Port Moresby to do their business.

“The Government of the day and past governments have designed a good system that is in place for effective service delivery. 

“However, it is the responsibility of the leaders to deliver these services on time and according to budget,” he said.

Siro said good leadership was lacking in the Rigo Inland LLG. 

“For this reason, we want effective leadership and good governance so that government services and goods are delivered to the people at the right time,” he said.

He acknowledged the only female candidate, Stella Gerega, who is contesting the Ward 13 councillor’s seat.

“This is to balance the political scene between men and women in the in Rigo inland LLG as well as at the provincial government level,” Siro said.

“The move taken by Stella is underpinned by the first pillar of PNG Vision 2050 – human capital development, gender, youth and people empowerment.”

He appealed to candidates and their supporters to maintain peace.