Former PM O’Neill urges people to make farming a career

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PEOPLE’S National Congress Party leader Peter O’Neill has urged the people to make farming a career.
He told people of the Yangoru-Saussia electorate, which is part of Sepik Plains Economic Zone at Huaripmo yesterday, that agriculture would put money into people’s pockets.
O’Neill was Prime Minister in 2016 when he launched K35 million investments in the Sepik plains.
“Not everyone will be able to secure jobs in an office. (So) let’s commercialise agriculture,” he said. He also emphasised the need to look after investors such as the Innovative Agro Industry.
He said investments in projects such as poultry and cocoa would generate jobs and income.
Innovative Agro Industry chairman Ilan Weiss updated O’Neill on the progress of the poultry project.
MP Richard Maru said broiler chicken would be left to locals to raise and sell to the firm’s slaughter house to be processed.
O’Neill and Maru will be at Hambuke village, Numbo LLG today for the opening of three teachers quarters.


  • RM is an outstanding MP among all. I have observed him deliver NDB which is poorly run today. To his people, you will see greater developments when RM is in power one day. The eyes of God watches over good things their children do. RM, you are blessed.

  • While the former PMPO may be correct in encouraging the rural populous to make farming a career and commercialize agriculture, involvement of an Israel Group namely Innovative Agro Industry from LR Group of Companies as investor raises a lot more eyebrows.

    LR Group is a secretive organization. The Chairman of LR Group PNG branch, Ilan Weiss, the son of Jacob Weiss. Jacob Weiss has a long time involvement in PNG dating back to the 1990s, particularly with the Bank of Papua New Guinea. Jacob Weiss has a long history with PNG. LR group knows the big boys of PNG.

    In past PNG Government has agreed and entered into a strategic partnership with the LR Group of Israel under a joint venture. Some projects that have seen opening ceremonies in this tag are as follows:
    1. Dairy farm and production at Illimo Farm in Central province – K90 million
    2. Agro Industry Project in Morobe Province – K120 million
    3. Sepik Plains Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in East Sepik – K56 million
    4. Koroba Agro Industrial Centre in Hela Province – K20 million
    5. Tari-Piwa Agro Industrial Centre in Hela Province – K60 million
    6. Gas Turbines for Port Moresby and Lae – K94 million
    7. Sepik Chicken Grain and Cocoa Innovation Project in East Sepik – K100 million
    8. Sirunki Agro Farm Project in Enga Province – K23 million
    9. Hulia Valley Agro Industrial Center – K50 million
    10. Feasibility Study on Hela Hydro Power in Hela Province – K700 million
    11. Other projects as well

    All of the above projects remain incomplete. Projects were initiated with high hope but with hidden agenda to establish formal conduit and the funds were siphoned to LR Group.

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