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THE police hierarchy is disappointed that a new vehicle donated by the Australian Federal Police, only four months ago, now seems a wreck following an accident yesterday.
It is not known whether the accident near Tubuserea village along the Magi Highway in Central, had caused a write-off but the vehicle is extensively damaged, Deputy National Capital District/Central commander Chief Insp Laimo Asi said.
“That vehicle lasted only four months after an NCD metropolitan police station commander drove it off the Magi Highway into a garden and it overturned,” Asi said.
“The driver was alone and was heading to the March Girls resort at Gaire village when he ran the vehicle off the road near Tubuserea village in the early hours of (yesterday) morning.
“He was probably rushing to attend the one-week workshop where many police station commanders and zone commanders within the NCD police metropolitan command are attending.
“Such accidents of a brand new vehicle donated by AFP is not good for us to wreck.”
Insp Asi said the driver escaped unhurt from traffic detectives when investigating the accident.
“He will also be dealt with administratively.”
Meanwhile, acting Gulf police commander Snr Insp Michael Pakyei said they had arrested 10 men from Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, for possession of 40kgs of marijuana.
“These men were arrested at Sapeharo Bridge in Malalaua, last week, after walking along the bush track from Morobe,” he said.
“They had travelled by road to Menyamya from Kainantu on a vehicle.
“From Menyamya, which is at the border of Morobe and Gulf, they walked on bush track to Sapeharo, and were waiting for a PMV to bring them to Port Moresby when a police vehicle patrolling the road became suspicious of them with their baggage.
“Police searched their baggage and found marijuana.
“They were arrested and charged with possessing marijuana.
“They are now being detained at the Kerema police station and facing their charges before the Kerema District Court.”
Insp Pakyei is concerned that there is a surge in smuggling drug from Eastern Highlands to Gulf via Morobe.
“Villagers along these bush track that drug smugglers use don’t report to us about their presence,” he said.


  • Blame the AFP. They gave us a car, but were too mean to provide for the wages of a chauffeur too. Go to the Chinese next time.

  • Another one to the list of other wrecks seen scattered outside police stations in NCD and around the country. Yet every year they seem to be driving brand new vehicles. The people that drive it don’t seem to care because they don’t even spent a single toea on it.
    Maybe Police administration should divert funds to giving face lifts to all our police stations. All of them look very unfriendly from the outside even before you go in to be greeted by unhelpful officers at times who lack customer service ethics and empathy….. No wonder our social services are in disorder..

  • The question is, why is the Police hierarchy holding these important conferences in expensive resorts outside of the metropolitan area rather than having these conferences at the Police Headquarters or the Bomana Police College where there is sufficient and affordable space to conduct these meetings. Otherwise, the damage to the donated vehicle does little for the image of our Police Force and our country as a whole.

  • Thankyou all for your comments, while on this issue i would like to say that in my experience living and working in another country, i never seen police personnel filled up the police vehicle with families transporting garden food to the market or spins around the city,s shopping centres, Only found in PNG. Were they use police vehicle as a family car.

    Police registered vehicle versus Family car. Police minister, over to you.

    • Yes that’s very true, we see alot of this police vehicles used as family cars, than if you look closely at this vehicles they not a registered or insured with MVIL to use the public roads.

  • Make it a policy that any Police Officers who wreck the Police fleets does not have to access his Nambawan super savings but must be redirected to Police Department for re-purchase of new Police Vehicle, in replacement for the damage

  • Make it a policy that any Police Officers who wreck the Police fleets does not have to access his Nambawan super savings but must be redirected to Police Department for re-purchase of new Police Vehicle, in replacement for the damage one.

  • Make it his responsibility to repair the damaged vehicle. Firstly, suspend him and when he is on suspension the police department can use half of his pay to repair the vehicle until the vehicle is fully serviced then he can go back to work. This will definitely send a clear warning to others like him/her driving government vehicle which was paid on taxpayers money.
    Show off!

  • they are the law, citizens are helpless in bringing these corrupt and reckless rogue cops to justice. we all will continue to speak our minds but frustratingly nothing is going to be done. Tax payers money for their pays, fuel, free housing, electricity etc…really police should should get degrees to get out there in the field. This is a result of poorly educated persons entering the force.

  • I would like to reply to comment made by a good PNG citizen at 12:28.

    Please, friend, do not blame the AFP, it is not their doing & wages that you mentioned in your comment to be paid for caddy, no, you’re wrong and it is also irrelevant to mention things like that.

    The person driving is to blame, AFP showed curtiosy by providing PNG Constabulary a police car because unfortunately, we have difficulty providing vehicles for our administrative purposes.

    Other comment regarding Chinese, PNG government must not deal with Chinese & South East Asians.

    Concerned citizen, Alotau, MBP

  • while many of us dream of owning such vehicles(impossible for many) these officer enjoy the experience and think they own these state assets and use it recklessly.Please update the Public Sevice Gen Ord so that officers should pay for damages or replacement

  • Please check the licence of the driver and his history of driving. Most times policemen drive government vehicles because they are policemen. With nil experience in driving they go straight and handle 4 wheel drives. The police hierarchy must now make it their business to ensure that every policeman is tested by traffic officers and giver appropriate licence to drive.

  • 5 Door Deluxe land Cruiser is an expensive,durable and all terrain vehicle. No way this vehicle will overturn in a garden. Investigate what the driver was doing whilst driver. I’m suspicious!

  • The first thing is suspend and eventually remove the driver from the police force. He doesn’t deserve to be a police officer. Another thing, this is a sign of a police officer who didn’t get his driver’s licence following proper protocols.

  • This need’s further investigation such carelessness driving leading to such destruction of a brand new vehicle is now under beyond repair state wasting millions, no body is held responsible even driver not sure.This ignorant human being need to vocate from the police force and must be punished and dealt with the law makers.

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