Former PMs call on O’Neill to step down

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

FORMER prime ministers Sir Michael Somare and Sir Mekere Morauta have called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down “for the good of all Papua New Guineans”.
They said in a statement that PNG was at a “turning point”.
“On the one hand we can choose to start afresh with new leadership, new vision and new hope for the future,” Sir Michael and Sir Mekere said.
“As former prime ministers, we have made our choice, and we ask our fellow Papua New Guineans to join us in rescuing our country.
“We cannot, through inaction, see our democracy and the institutions that support democracy ruined. The nation’s future is at stake.
“Today we are declaring that the prime minister must stand down for the good of all Papua New Guineans.”
They said O’Neill had brought the nation to its knees socially, economically and politically – and he could not be allowed to do more damage.
“His countless (outbursts) to trick the public that our country is sailing along smoothly are a deceitful display of moral corruption.  The fact is we are trapped, and sinking.
“We have decided to speak out and urge all Members of Parliament to support a change of leadership and commence a national rescue effort.
“This is the only way to end the division and chaos that Mr O’Neill has fostered, and to bring an end to the violence, bloodshed and discord that have resulted from his leadership.”