Former police commissioner passes on

Robert Nenta

FORMER Papua New Guinea police commissioner Robert Nenta passed away peacefully last week after a short illness.
He was 69.
Nenta hails from the Jika Malakamp clan of Mt Hagen, Western Highlands.
He served as commissioner from 1996 to 1997, during the Bougainville crisis.
After his retirement, he was appointed PNG’s ambassador to Singapore in 1998.
Nenta was appointed director of national intelligence organisation from 2001 to 2012.
Nenta’s family member Bryan Bom said Nenta died from a short illness and passed away in Mt Hagen.
He said Nenta was the police commissioner during the Bougainville crisis and had played a major part in the sand line crisis.
“He has been playing a very important role in the country, serving three offices, police commissioner, ambassador and national intelligence organisation director.
“For the Jika Malakamp clan, this is a great loss to us.
“Nenta also played major roles in our communities and the province as a whole,” he added.
He said they are mourning his death at Ralgaimp village outside of Mt Hagen.
Bom said Nenta was married with two wives and four children.
“It will take us a long time to replace such a person but it is God who gives life and takes it,” he said
“I am appealing to the people to show some respect to such people that includes our leaders, business people and educated elites.”