Forming association a way forward

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

HAGEN MP William Duma dished out K1.2 million to four community development associations in his electorate last Saturday.
Presenting the cheques at Kotna village, the MP who is also Minister for State Enterprises and Public Investment, said forming associations was a forward for using the little funding available to the district to raise living standards.
Duma gave K300,000 each to the Exile Farmers Association, Kunduka Village Development Association, Kelawap Landowners Association and Kerebug Tech Island Association.
He said that these associations would continue to receive more in future if they used the initial funding for the right purposes.
He said people could work their land to make a living but they needed to form groups and share ideas.
“Some leaders will tell you to work your land and earn a living but this will never work out well.
“It will be better if leaders are funding the people in such associations instead of telling them to work.”
Duma said that associations formed would help to build roads, health centers and focus on development in a community, province and the country as a whole.
He said that people need to have the resources and support before they can be told to move on in life.
“If I told you to focus on coffee or farming and when the commodity prices are low, how will you feel?
“This is something every leader need to know and focus on equipping the people with whatever resources like funding.
“My responsibility is to help you so that you can live a better life and take part in driving changes,” Duma said.
Duma said the electorate was seeing much change because he was focusing on funding associations.
He urged the people and leaders of each association to use the money well to realise their visions.