Fortuitous meeting at Apec results in partnership


NEW insurance company, Papua New Guinea Health Assurance Limited is ready to do insurance cover for the Kumuls programme once their partnership is fully sanctioned by the PNG Rugby Football League board.
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between PHA and PNGRFL was signed last week to start the partnership arrangements, which will lead to what will officially be a contract between PHA and PNGRFL, which would be signed in the next few weeks.
PHA executive director Pradeep Soni, pictured, said his company was new to the country but its investment would significantly be a great help to PNGRFL and the Team Kumuls programme and the future of rugby league in PNG.
Soni said PHA was excited to work closely with the existing sponsors and partners of PNGRFL to move the sport in PNG forward.
The insurance company did not disclose the exact value would be dispensed during the five-year partnership with the Team Kumul programme but Soni said the details of how it was going to be distributed had not been worked out yet but “we know it is going to be a significant contribution”.
PNGRFL chief executive Reatau rau recounted how the league had struck up the partnership with PHA.
“For the last two years after I was appointed as the chief executive officer of PNGRFL, I spoke with a couple of insurance companies in the country to support PNGRFL and in particular the and the Team Kumuls programme but it was difficult because they understood the enormous administrative burden and task to cover the Kumuls programme,” Reatua Rau said.
“I met PHA chairman Pradeep Soni at the Apec CEO Summit in November and I discussed the issue with him and advised him if his company could partner with PNGRFL to insure the players and he quickly picked up the interest and agreed to support our programme,” Rau said. Rau said PNGRFL had participated in the promotion of Apec and if the Apec had not been held, we probably would not have secured this partnership but thanks to the PNG Government and the Apec Summit that PNGRFL and the Team Kumul programme is the beneficiary.
He described the partnership between PNGHA and PNGRFL as a long term deal was a big plus for the league.
“PHA understood our situation and we are grateful of that,” Rau said.
“They will not only be our insurance partners but also a major sponsor to PNG LNG Kumuls over the next five years.
“Having collaborating with an insurance company gives us confidences as PNGRFL to prepare for the next World Cup tournament in 2021 in England.
“As the chief executive officer of PNGRFL and with Kumuls coach Michael Marum, the elite players and those players who aspire to be national representatives must know that one of the biggest risks in sport is medical insurance and with PHA on board for the first time, we feel that our players’ welfare is covered,” he added.

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