Forum an eye-opener as students share ideas


Two students of Utu secondary in New Ireland are ready to share with their peers back in the province the values and knowledge gained from a two-day National Children’s Forum in Port Moresby this week.
Grade 11 students Rebecca Gima and Luis Kangol, both 17, were thankful that the forum had provided an opportunity for them to share ideas with like-minded students from other provinces and listen to educational and motivational speeches.
“We feel empowered to go back and share what we have learnt at the forum,” Gima said
“As for me, I learnt a lot of things, especially the motivational speech by the  prime minister’s wife (Lynda Babao O’Neill) to overcome negativity.
“I also learnt about my rights. I feel that I have that right as equal as the adult and I must be treated fairly and I have the right to speak my opinions.
“The forum shed some light on things I did  not know.”
Kangol said they would go back and be an influence to their communities.
“With these values and knowledge, we will go back and be an influence to our communities and peers,” he said.
“The theme says let the children speak so it helps us to give our voice and point of view on issues in the province. With the speeches heard, it has motivated and empowered us to work along with our peers.
“It has strengthened our bond and showed us how to see through conflicts.
“We could actually see ways that we can resolve this situation when conflicts come up, especially on social media.”
Eimi Sarufa, a teacher accompanying the students, said: “We will have a presentation because we are representing New Ireland.”
They left for New Ireland yesterday.