Forum focuses on improving safety at sea

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The National Maritime Safety Authority(NMSA) in collaborationwith the Pacific Community (SPC)and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) under its IntegratedTechnical Cooperation Program(ITCP) will be hosting the Third Domestic Ship Safety Forum, theSecond Regional Conference forPacific Women in Maritime and theRegional Workshop on Ship SafetyManagement Systems and the InternationalSafety Management
(ISM) Code.
The week long workshops from the April 23-28 to be held at theCrown Plaza Hotel in Port Moresbywill see over 100 delegates from thePacific Island Community along with local stakeholders from the Industry.The Third Domestic Ship SafetyForum is a follow up of the previousforum held in Suva, Fiji in 2015 andwill discuss progress in the implementation of the 2012 Suva Action
The participants will share experience,explore opportunities andagree on addressing emerging orpersistent issues in relation to maritime administrations roles and responsibilities with regards to maritime safety.
The Second Regional Conference for Pacific Women in Maritime, as a follow up from the last conference held in Nuku’alofa, Tonga in 2016,and to acknowledge the progress made on the 2016 Conference Resolution and work plan of the Pacific Women in Maritime Association.
The Regional Workshop on Ship Safety Management Systems and the International Safety Management(ISM) Code is designed for maritime personnel who are responsible for setting up a Safety
Management System in accordance with the ISM Code, and for Flag State Inspectors who will be enforcing its implementation.
NMSA General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Unas said the hosting of these week-long workshops not only complements NMSA’s five year strategic plan but effective implementation of IMO’s instruments and other rectifications.
He said NMSA was privileged to play host to such important workshops concerning the industry.

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