Forum to discuss priority projects

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The National, Monday 25th March 2013

 THE department for community development will be conducting a forum with its development partners and stakeholders this week.

The three-day annual event, which starts today, will see the department present its annual operation plan to its partners and stakeholders.

Acting department secretary Anna Solomon said the aim of this year’s forum was to consolidate partnership collaboration and support through the department’s annual operation plan 2013 and the revised corporate plan 2013-16.

“The level of the department’s annual budget appropriation is very limited and such forums are necessary to engage partnerships to deliver community development initiatives within the policy framework of the integrated community development policy.”

It will also provide the opportunity to identify and take stock of community development programmes and projects implemented by partners that complement the government’s efforts through the department.

Complying with the national government theme for 2013 as the “Year for Implementation” and the government direction under the Alotau Accord much effort has been put into successfully incorporating and translating these directions into the department’s annual operation plan 2013 and revised corporate plan 2013-16.

There are three priority projects of the department that the government has endorsed for immediate implementation. 

These priority projects are the establishment of the office of religion with the department, national social protection policy and the national identity card (biometrics).