Fose wants governor’s apology


By Malum Nalu
Pathologist Dr Seth Fose has called on National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to retract a statement and apologise to him for bringing his creditability and profession into disrepute.
Fose, who is also a lawyer, said this yesterday in response to an article in The National on Monday titled, ‘Parkop rejects autopsy report’, in which Parkop questioned an autopsy which Fose carried out on journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara.
He also denied leaking out his preliminary report to the media and public.
“I call on Governor Powes Parkop to retract his statements and apologise for bringing my creditability and profession into disrepute,” Fose said.
“I am available to work together with the governor and his office in providing professional advice on how we can establish a forensic medicine centre for NCD, or improve existing forensic medicine services in the country.
“My colleague and I are medical expert witnesses. We work behind the scene as officers of the courts in the administration of justice. We do not take sides. I call for support from the all stakeholders in this regard.”
Fose said Parkop’s statement “shows lack of understanding and insight into the kind of training, skill, knowledge, experience and job required to be qualified and be certified as a pathologist”.
He said when conducting autopsies, information from police homicide, photographs, crime scene reports and other medical notes were also considered.
“However, our interpretation of findings at autopsy must be based on what I find at the time of post-mortem examination,” he said.
“The limiting factors in what I find at the examination when conducting an autopsy include two main limiting factors, embalming and decomposition.”