Foundation funds classrooms in East Sepik schools


Serengwandu and Yambi Elementary schools in East Sepik opened two new double-classrooms funded by Digicel PNG Foundation.
Jacob Malken, a senior school inspector and acting district education manager, was overjoyed, saying that it was one of the best classrooms he had come across.
He said the classroom gave children access to a conducive learning environment and through the transformation, parents would be motivated to push their children to pursue education.
“I was very happy when I found out that it was not just classrooms but the project also included a water and sanitation and hygiene (Wash) component and our children really needed these,”Malken said.
The projects consists of a double classroom with office space in between, teachers’ desks and chairs, solar lighting, 80 desks, blackboards, 5000L water tank and two ventilated pit (VIP) latrines. The  cost of each project is K165,000.
Digicel Foundation chief executive officer Beatrice Mahuru  said providing children with access to basic education was one of five key areas of the foundation.
“In rural settings such as villages of Sepik, it’s important to include the Wash component in this package, especially with the country facing unpredictable weather patterns which affects water supply and general personal hygiene,”Mahuru said.