Foundation gives books to secondary school

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


DISABILITY advocate Brown Kapi is targeting people in school in his campaign to educate the country on using the disabled.

The founder of Kapi Foundation said yesterday he was keen to make a difference in the lives of the disabled in Papua New Guinea and had focused his campaign on young people and children in school because as future leaders they would influence policies, legislations or decisions to utilise disability. 

He said for too long disability in the country had been tagged as a negative impression at all levels, resulting in limited development and aspirations for people with disability. 

“In Papua New Guinea, disability is an insignificant and unimportant issue that even from political and national level to community level those affected by it have been marginalised,” he said. 

“I want to change that perception. I want to show the country that disability has good sides to it. 

“It can be utilised for the good of the country. 

“I see that young people, if taught well today about the positive side, they can make a difference in the future. 

“Young people are future leaders and if we do not teach them about this, PNG can never be able to grasp other important agendas in human rights, gender equality and universal improvement for all citizens.”

Kapi and his team from the foundation visited Tokarara Secondary School, in NCD, and shared ideas and insights on  valuing disability and understanding the challenges faced by disabled people. 

He told students and teachers the country had a long way to go in recognising disability and accommodating its needs and that young people played a major part in improving that. He encouraged students not see their inability and weaknesses but recognise their strengths and serve the community. 

The Kapi Foundation donated 40 cartons of books and encyclopedia. 

Head librarian John Leo said the donation would see positive results.