Foundation helps sick child

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The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

TWO-year-old Karen Houji’s daily routine was disturbed when she visited nine-month-old Abraham Campbell at the Port Moresby General Hospital children’s ward yesterday.
Both share something in common – both are from East Sepik and were born with a medical condition known as hydrocephalus, a condition which causes “water” build-up in the brain resulting in abnormal swelling of the skull, limited movement and usage of limbs, speech defects to name a few.
The difference is Karen’s condition was diagnosed early where a shunt was inserted in early 2009 by Dr William Kaptigau, the country’s first qualified neurosurgeon.
Abraham was flown into Port Moresby by the Karen Houji Hydrocephalus Foundation on Dec 2 as part of the foundation’s aim to help children suffering from hydrocephalus.
Abraham’s father Jack told The National that when he read about the foundation in October his family contacted  the foundation president Ben Samlal and he was thankful for everything.
“The foundation is like a family to us.”
Jack and his wife Ruth, after discussing with Kaptigau the benefits and risks of VP shunt insertion, have opted against the procedure and will return with Abraham to Wewak.
Jack thanked everyone in making the trip possible, especially the foundation.
and that has given him the courage to take the next course of action and that is to help raise awareness on the condition.