Fountains bring joy to our children

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Fountains come at a wrong time” by “Dry twig” (Dec 31).
I agree that we have other priorities and the fact that some of our people have no water at home as they pass these beautiful fountains and wonder why water is so readily available to some and not to others.
Eda Ranu’s pipes pass through my community but give us no water.
PNG Power wires swings above many of our homes but many of our people cannot afford to connect the electricity.
Now our leaders have a new aircraft to fly around the globe but many of us are having difficulty in getting seats.
But then “Dry twig”, did you see the looks of wonder on our children’s faces?
I took my children to see the fountains and saw the wonder in their faces.
They loved the fountains.
Let’s not be too hasty in condemning them.
Of course we all need water.
Let’s enjoy the wonders of the fountains and push for the rights of all citizens to enjoy safe and clean water.

Lawrence Stephens
Sapphire Creek