Fountains come at a wrong time

Letters, Normal

MANY parts of Port Moresby have been without water since Dec 18.
While people are facing acute shortage of this vital human need, Powes Parkop and NCDC have set up fountain at the 5-Mile roundabout and Gerehu, splashing thousands of litres of water.
It was become a common sight to see mothers, fathers and children taking to the streets with containers and pots in search of water.
The people who are most affected are those living in the southern part of the city especially Vabukori, Taikone, Gabutu, Kaugere, Sabama, etc.
Mr Parkop and NCDC have done a good job by maintaining a routine cleaning and beautification exercise.
The lights at Unagi Oval have added some colour to the night scene.
The control of the sale of betelnut and disposal of rubbish should be encouraged and observed by everyone.
However, the fountain has just come about at the wrong time.
It is unfair to see that large volumes of water are being used at the fountain when thousands of innocent people are thirsty, dirty and dry in our nation’s capital.
I urge our leaders to be mindful of the welfare of people.
They have already infringed on our livelihood by curtailing the sale of betelnut.
Be considerate and ensure that our people are looked after first because they matter most.– Dry Twig
Port Moresby