Four ballot boxes destroyed

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


FOUR ballot boxes marked for polling in four council wards in Anglimp-South Waghi were destroyed on Monday, police said.

Minj police station commander Insp Micheal Kaupa said yesterday supporters of the four candidates had an argument at the polling booths and destroyed the boxes, depriving thousands of voters from Tekpe, Tumba, Tombil and Mondomil their right to elect their leaders.

Kaupa said there was no physical confrontation.

He said the ballot boxes for Kambia and Mt Aw were still sitting at the police station waiting for a helicopter to airlift the polling officials and ballot papers.

Kaupa said the one day polling at the border of Chimbu, starting at Gamar to Wara Tuman, on the Western Highlands border, was conducted peacefully.

He said people went into polls peacefully and elected their leaders without any disturbance.

Kaupa said the ballot boxes for other council wards had been transported to the police station safely after polling and electoral officials have sorted out the boxes for counting.

He said the one day polling in Anglimp-South Waghi was conducted smoothly.

He appealed to the people to maintain peace and order during the counting and declarations.

“Not all candidates will win, only one will win the ward councillor’s seat and the same with the president seat in every local level government,” Kaupa said.

“Others must respect the decision of the majority of the people.”