Four escapees from Kerevat recaptured


FOUR of 11 escapees from the Kerevat prison in East New Britain have been recaptured by police after two weeks of freedom.
ENB police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali said one of the escapees was handed over to authorities by his mother and three were cornered by police.
Eleven juveniles, one a convicted prisoner, and 10 remandees, escaped from the prison on Feb 3 by using a hacksaw to cut through the roof of their cell during heavy rain.
It is believed that no warder was on guard at the time.
“The 18-year-old convicted prisoner from Malaguna One, who was serving two years for possession of marijuana, was handed over to Kerevat police by his mother,” Tabali said.
“He was charged with escaping from lawful custody.
“Another two escapees from Iawakaka village were recaptured at their village by police.
“The other escapee of East Sepik origin was recaptured at Wara Mailo in the Gazelle area.”
Tabali said seven escapees remained at large.
“I thank the joint special operation team of police and Correctional Services officers who apprehended those escapees,” Tabali said.
“I also thank the mother of the convicted prisoner who handed over her son to the authorities.”
Tabali appealed to communities in the province who knew of the whereabouts of the remaining escapees to contact police on 9828918 or 71731000. He said the escapees were dangerous.