Four in New Britain guilty of gang-rape

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The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOUR men in East New Britain have been found guilty of pack-raping a woman.
Justice Salatiel Lenalia of the Kokopo National Court yesterday handed down the verdict on Emmanuel Papake, Dapal Tokuk and Gavin Vulia from Ialakua, Kokopo district, and Eddie Stanley, from Baravon, Kokopo district.
The four were all charged with one count of pack-rape contrary to section 347 (1) of the Criminal Code.
The court heard that between 12.30am and 5am on April 25 last year the four raped the victim at Ialakua beach.
The victim told the court she was repeatedly raped and some of the accused had sex with her more than once.
Lenalia added that the evidence revealed that Papake had raped the victim more than once.
He said Papake’s claim that the sexual intercourse he had with the victim were consensual was a lie.
Two key witnesses identified the four accused.
Lenalia said state evidence established there was bright full moon that night as opposed to the accused claiming it was a dark, cloudy night.
He said the four were together on the road with the two witnesses that night when they physically assaulted one of the witnesses in pursuit of the two girls who were with the witness so they could have sex with them.
Lenalia found the evidence of the victim was corroborated by the evidence of the two witnesses.
The accused have been remanded in custody until their sentencing which would be held at a later date.