Four suspects arrested for involvement in shop robbery


FOUR suspects wanted for robbing a shop at Boroko were arrested and charged by police in Port Moresby.
Assistance Police Commissioner (NCD and Central) Anthony Wagambie Jr said from the footage obtained from CCTV (close circuit television) cameras the suspects went into the store fully armed pretending to be customers.
The suspects went to the manager of the shop, who was an expatriate and stole a Sig Sauer automatic pistol and cash totalling K43,000.
Wagambie said four shop employees suspected of having been involved in the robbery were also arrested and detained.
“The employees (detainees) were seen talking to the robbers from the CCTV footage while they were in the store. They will be questioned by the police and if there is enough evidence to charge them with aiding the robbers then they will be formally charged,” Wagambie said.
He said the firearm that was stolen was an automatic hand gun and police were still working to identify the suspects and recover the firearm.
“I am warning licensed firearm owners to be more responsible with the weapons in their possession.
“Look after it and don’t let it end up in the hands of the criminals because it will only pose greater risks to the lives of innocent citizens living in the city and Central province.”
Wagambie also commended detectives for their quick response that resulted in the initial arrests.
He said more suspects were expected to be arrested.