FPDA team aims to promote agriculture during Gumine trip


A TEAM of Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) went to Gumine, Chimbu, last Wednesday to promote agriculture businesses and introduce onion farming to the locals.
The team went into Korokowa village, in the northwest of Dom, ward three of Digine local level government (LLG), which was previously a no-go area since 2017 due to election-related issues which resulted in little business activity in the area.
The locals grow kaukau and cassava as their staple food and sell the remaining.
The FPDA team, led by David Kaupa, went to Korokowa with the intention of establishing an onion model farm with start-up kits and conducted training to interested farmers who came from wards 3, 4, 5, and 6.
He said community leaders were thankful to the team for the visit and helping to rebuild the area through empowering farmers.
Kaupa said it was encouraging to see people expressing interest in the FPDA initiative.
He said the locals had committed to building a relationship with the agency and also among themselves.
FPDA had established a bulb onion model farm at Korokowa and would establish a seed potato farm.
Kaupa said FPDA’s intention now was to cover Gumine’s three LLGs promoting farming as a business.
“Potato and bulb onion model farms have already been established in Gumine and positive results were achieved and will eventually extend to Kumai, Bomai and Digine LLGs.”
The partnership between the FPDA and Gumine was the initiative of local MP Nick Kuman, which came into effect last October.