Free checks for buai free day

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 THE Mendi General Hospital last Friday celebrated “No Betel Nut Chewing Day’ by inviting chewers to have free checks for mouth cancer.

Themed “Awareness against mouth cancer and promoting healthy mouth”, the day was to promote the causes of mouth cancer such as betel nut chewing with lime and mustard.

Mendi General Hospital’s dental officer Dr Agnes Lausie said the dental clinic was closed for normal operation to carry out oral health awareness on mouth cancer.

Lausie said the dental team conducted mouth health presentations, oral health video shows and mouth screening and checks.

“We advised the public, especially betel nut chewers, to come for screening and check. 

“A good number of people turned up,” she said.

Meanwhile, the buai ban in Port Moresby has forced many heads of Government and private institutions in Southern Highlands to ban 

workers from chewing betel nuts in their workplaces.

This is because of health reasons and to maintain a clean environment.

Radio Southern Highlands station manager Jacob Mambi has ordered street vendors not to sell betel nuts or carry betel nuts into the radio station.

He said he wanted the environment to be free from buai stains. 

Mambi did not want clients chewing betels nut to enter the building.