Free dental checks in city

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


CITY Pharmacy and Colgate are jointly promoting dental care by conducting free dental checks in Port Moresby.

The team conducted the first dental check last Friday at the City Pharmacy outlets in Boroko and Waigani.

City Pharmacy category manager Maryanne Bueno said 47 people underwent the checks in the morning.

“We will continue with free dental checks until the second week of December. 

“The idea is to help people care for their teeth,” she said.

City Pharmacy nurse Jane Keteisin said some people who turned up had never used a toothbrush with tooth paste before.

Colgate dentist Dr Newman Uloulo conducted a general dental check by asking patients the status of their teeth. 

Uloulo advised patients on the best way of brushing their teeth.  

Keteisin said: “Some patients were advised to visit a dental clinic for scaling, a process by which soft and sticky film containing bacteria which forms over time is removed from the teeth.”