Free education, but what about the teachers?

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 THE prime minister is trotting around the country dishing out millions of kina into projects while at the same time spelling out his new policies.  

The free education policy came out to be the winner which in today’s political language is described as an “impact project”. 

He unselfishly delivered to the people of PNG.  

A vote of confidence to the government for doing such a mammoth task and accomplished in record time, however, in time, the results of this K600 million impact project will judge the free education policy.

The consequences of this policy are the lack of classroom space, lack of teachers, inadequate teaching and learning facilities.

In addition, there is a dilemma in procuring curriculum materials.

All this holds back the students and the question of quality education comes into the picture. 

While all these are happening, the policy makers have forgotten the teachers’ plights. 

The teachers are delivering this policy but if they are left out of the picture, then there is an incomplete project cycle.

The government must address these teachers’ issues.

They must increase the pay on the basis of work value.

There should be a CPI linked increase backdated to 2010 when the last agreement was signed between PNGTA and the government.

Pay them more for being asked to take in more students than the accepted student-teacher ratio.

Improve their housing allowances and accommodation.

Offer insurance for injuries or deaths caused by students, parents and guardians.

Teachers need the prime minister to look into their terms and conditions.


Chalk Dust