Free education for Kandep students

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KANDEP students attending educational institutions nationwide will receive free education this year.
The Enga provincial government is subsidising 30% of the school fees while the rest will be settled by Kandep MP and Transport, Works and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye.
Kandep district school fees subsidy coordinators Jason Simon and Andy Wakali said yesterday the local MP had allocated K2 million for the subsidies.
“We are now sorting out the fees to every educational institution in the country where Kandep students are located,” they said.
“By early next month, all the fees would be paid into the school’s bank accounts,” he said.
Mr Simon said student enrolment for this year had increased due to the subsidies.
“Out of the 21 community and primary schools in the district, only two schools are still closed.
“The Tinsipak Primary School was razed in 2006 following a tribal fight between the Sik and Lambuan tribes. The Vet Primary School is closed because of the  tribal fight between the Sik and Lambuan,” he said.