Free health care

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The National, Monday February 24th, 2014


BASIC health services will be free from today, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase says.

It means that it is illegal for any medical facility run by the Government and churches to charge patients for the basic services they receive.

The free services include :

  • In-patient day (includes tests, treatment drugs, sheets and food);
  • pharmacy prescription;
  • outpatient care for outpatient consultation;
  • ante-natal care consultation;
  • supervision of baby delivery;
  • ambulance – each trip;
  • radiology, ultrasonography;
  • electrocardiography;
  • pathology;
  • attendance of radiotherapy;
  • minor surgery (intermediate and major surgery will pay only half);
  • course of injection as an outpatient;
  • family planning advice;
  • sputum for TB/AFP’s culture;
  • HIV;
  • diabetes patients;
  • asthmatic, TB and cardiac;
  • chronic/terminal renal, liver diseases;
  • mental diseases;
  • ante-natal consultation by a general and specialist medical practitioner;
  • confinement by general practitioner and specialist practitioner;
  • attendance of treatment of one of more disabilities, clinic books;
  • medical certificate, and,
  • Eye glass.   

Kase said primary health care services at the hospitals would be free except for those requiring specialised services – to be shared 50-50 by the patient and the Government.

He said it was important to note that the policy would only apply health facilities run by the Government and churches that received grants.

“All health service providers that receive government grants must comply with the policy,” he said.

The Government distributed K20 million last year to 22 hospitals, Government-run health facilities and church-run facilities in rural areas. 

It again allocated another K20m this year to these institutions to cover the cost of their services they provide.

Kase urged the departments, agencies and health workers to implement the policy.