Free surgery offered

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The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

CHILDREN often become disabled,  after receiving burns or from accidents because of lack of proper medical advice.
Amanda, an infant, could have gone through such pains for a long time if it were not for help provided, and that for free.
The people in Amanda’s village did not sleep for days as she cried in pain after falling into a fire when she was a baby.
Although she was taken to the hospital, the medics did not have the expertise to treat her and she was told to go home.
Over time her burn injuries scarred and contracted, distorting her arm and rendering it non-functional.
Burn scar contractures are a common problem in developing countries as burns are left largely untreated. Burn scar contractures cause unnecessary disabilities and only get worse over time.
For Amanda, the Interplast medics were able to free her arm which will recover fully over time.
AusAID funds Interplast medical teams to provide free surgery to people with a disability in the Asia-Pacific region.
The teams have visited PNG 72 times in the last 25 years with their services.
In PNG alone, teams have conducted 4,000 patient consultations and 2,103 have received life- changing surgery.
The next Interplast visit to PNG will also focus on hand injuries and deformities and debilitating burn injuries and will take place in Madang from Feb 21-24. 
Contact Dr Maihua to make an appointment to see the Interplast team at Madang Modilon Hospital on number 852177.
The Interplast team will visit Port Moresby between March 1 and 4. Interested people should contact Dr George Gende to make an appointment to see the Interplast team at Port Moresby General Hospital. The number to call is 324 8200.