Freezer goods, bakeries sell out during New Year shopping

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SAUSAGES and bread were sold out in Madang town as the locals made last minute shopping sprees to celebrate the New Year.
Supermarkets like Best Buys and its M&S group of stores, Madang Butchery, Papindo and Diwai supermarkets that sold freshly baked bread had long queues.
Security guards and policemen also had a hard time in crowd control.
People started queuing up at the butchery from 8am and the line stretched to the supermarket entrance. The scene was the same at the Best Buy store and the M&S chain of stores.
The rural folk, from villages as far as the South to the North coasts, namely Transgogol, Bogia and Usino Bundi, arrived in truck loads to buy their favourite bread, sausages and mutton.
They were seen lugging plastic bags of foodstuff at bus stops waiting for their ride home.
Many interviewed said they would have a big bread and sausage party with their families at home to celebrate the New Year.
Police and youths engaged in community policing made their
presence felt around town and also provided security to Asian-owned shops.
Police also patrolled in unmarked vehicles.
Many Asian shop owners also hired youths to provide security.
Despite threats to close down Asian businesses, it was a relatively peaceful New Year for Madang.