Fresh milk producer reaching more places due to demand


ILIMO fresh milk is pleased to announce that our product is now available in a variety of retail outlets throughout Port Moresby.
The following outlets have been fantastic in their support for PNG’s only brand of fresh milk:

  • All Stop and Shop outlets
  • RH Supermarket Gordon and RH Supermarket Vision City
  • Waterfront Supermarket and Boroko Foodworld at Gordon
  • JMart
  • SVS 2-Mile
  • Meat Haus
  • 9-Mile Plaza

Business Development Manager Gallit Tamir said, “we have been receiving inquiries from hotels, restaurants and cafes around Port Moresby, so we are pleased with the general reception from the business community.
“As consumers begin to understand the differences between UHT Milk and Fresh Milk, which has both a superior flavour and nutrition, we are certain they will see the value in the price.
“Most importantly we are so grateful for the support of Port Moresby consumers who have rallied behind Ilimo Fresh Milk.”
Imported Fresh Milk is sold in PNG at a price of K12 and above. Ilimo Fresh Milk is sold at a recommended retail price of K6.60 – that is a near 50 per cent price slash.
IAI Chairman Ilan Weiss said “the more we listen to our consumers, the more we realise that there continues to be much confusion over the value of our product.”
“The price of our Fresh Milk is competitive to the price paid by consumers in leading dairy producing countries.
“In New Zealand for example the price of a liter of Fresh Milk is approximately US$1.92, which translates to K6.37. Our price, ranging from K6 to K6.60 is an achievement that we are proud of.
“We are committed to building a dairy industry in PNG and we understand that as a pioneer we will have to educate people about what fresh milk is, and its immense nutritional value.
“The fact that while building this industry, we are able to pass on the same prices for fresh milk to consumers that a leading dairy producing country like New Zealand can do is fantastic news for PNG”.
Tamir said the price comparison with UHT was a challenge that the company faced.
“We are being proactive in addressing this with plans for more direct engagement with consumers in the near future so they understand that UHT and fresh milk are not the same product.
“It’s important for consumers to know the facts when making purchasing decisions and we are doing our best to create awareness in the community via social media and regular updates to local media”.
Currently retail sales are going well, and the dairy is producing 6000 litres of fresh milk a day, however this number will double shortly.
A smaller 250ml fresh milk bottle as well as flavoured milk and smaller milk pouches will be selling for K2 are not far away, bringing the nutritional value and superior flavour of Ilimo Fresh Milk closer to PNG.

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