Children walk for miles to see prime minister, aircraft

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A GROUP of children walked five miles from their village, then travelled by bus for a few more hours, just to see an aircraft close-up for the first time – and meet one of its prominent passengers.
The passenger was Prime Minister James Marape who was travelling from Port Moresby yesterday to Goroka to officiate at an event.
The excited 27 children, most of them orphans, were from the remote Bundi in Madang.
Not only did they meet and talk to their prime minister, they entered the Air Niugini Fokker-70 aircraft, and looked around the cabin at Goroka airport, as part of their excursion.
They are part of the Kumura Foundation.
They had walked from Bundi, to the Gembogl in Chimbu, then travelled by bus to Goroka.
Bundi shares a border with Chimbu.
Eleven-year-old Willie Kuri from Mondia Bridge village in Chimbu said it was the first time to see Goroka.
He said they saw many new things for the first time, met the pilots and entered an aircraft.
He said it was a story to tell for the rest of their lives.
Kumura Foundation founder Vincent Kumura from Bundi said the area they hailed from lacked health and education services.
“The kids come from various villages in Bundi.
“Many are orphans and some are from very remote areas.
“To reach a school, they had to walk for two to three days to get to Mondia Bridge, Chimbu.
“We built a transit house there for them to stay while attending school.”


  • Mr Kumura, you are and incredible human being. Your tireless and selfless efforts over the years is amazing. I have seen and talked with you briefly many years ago and I am awed by the level of enthusiasm you have to make a real change in your peoples life.

    God willing you will have more to give as time moves on

    Good luck,

  • I think this is a crazy walk to meet someone traveling during COV-19 pandemic. What about safety measures? Quarrantine??

    • SPK, sometimes you have to look at things from the positive side. Don’t be negative all the time. It will not do you any good.

    • SPK..You are crazy..Their walk and travel was for their future. This are lack Government services and attention. Their visit means a lot to them and the community.

  • Sorry SPK for your negative reaction to what I teamed Kumura is doing, “Mercy deeds”. He did a very noble job only for you to insensitively through words like this is very childish.

    Kumura, my brother from Blue Mountain, keep doing what you know it is best and you humility and your commitment to serve your people although you were very well educated.

    Kumura completed his studies in US and selflessly servicing the people in the most remote geographically, And SPK, what are you and what are you doing to your people.

    This children have future, and meeting the Prime Minister is their blessing and assistance can be given.

    Wishing Kumura the best in his foundation and service oriented ministry to the people in this part of the world. God ble with you,

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