From fishing to gas project skilled worker

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 LEA Lea fisherman Nou Avuru is taking advantage of new career opportunities with experience he gained from his work at the LNG project. 

After completing his training at the Port Moresby construction training facility, Avuru worked as a carpenter and steel worker with an LNG plant contractor. 

When his contract with the project ended, he returned to Lea Lea to consider his future. 

While browsing job advertisements, Avuru noticed an opening for a steel fixer at the project’s Hides Gas conditioning plant. 

He got the job because of the skills he developed in his previous job. 

“The experience I gained by working at the LNG plant and here in Hides was not like anything else I’ve done. 

“I have not just learnt new skill, I  have also learnt how to deal with people better and how to work with different people and I know this would help create opportunities for me in the future,” Avuru said. 

“Had I not gained from this experience, I would still be a fisherman back in the village. 

“I am so grateful to the project subcontractors for the opportunity they gave me to develop my skill,” he added. 

To help workers like Avuru move to a new job, the LNG plant offered training on how to create a resumé, find jobs and how candidates should conduct themselves in an interview to gain a competitive edge. 

Since the training was introduced last June, at least 950 workers had volunteered for the four-day programme carried out during their lunch hours.