From nobody to somebody ,life goes on


I MAY be this senior electrician in a power company at the moment, but 25 years ago, I was fed by mum under a kunai or sago roof without electricity but a kerosene lamp.
I may be that senior aeroplane captain, but 30 years ago, I walked nine hours to government stations to sell my coffee, cocoa, and copra.
I may be the devoted consultant doctor who is recognised in the health sector now, but 35 years ago, I was born beside a flooding river bank while dad was rushing to put mum on a canoe to the nearest health centre.
I may be a senior constable in the Papua New Guinea law and justice sector, but 40 years ago, I was a victim of tribal fights that made us seek refuge behind the rocks and dense forests.
I may be a senior accountant, but 35 years ago I was on the road with my mum selling greens to government workers on their paydays.
I may be a senior judge today, but 45 years ago, I was by the river doing dishes and making sure everything is ready before dinner.
I may be somebody today but a decade ago, I was nobody.
Live your best life.
God has plans for you.

Issac James Tikindi,
Clinical Resident, Alotau Hospital


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