Fuel dispenser unveiled

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The National – Monday, July 4th 2011


PACIFIC Energy Aviation Ltd (PEAL) last Friday welcomed a new hydrant dispenser refuelling truck to their fleet to meet the commitment to Air Niugini and customers to cater for the increase in fuel requirements at Jackson Airport.

Speaking at the launch, sales manager Dominic Nohu said that the arrival of the dispenser was a long time coming, showing a milestone achievement for the company which had been in operation for 12  months.

Nohu said this was the first of two such dispensers which should allow PEAL to meet demands of customers needing refuelling services by supplying aviation fuels (jet-A1 and aviation) to airlines at Jackson airport.

PEAL was contracted by Air Niugini to refuel all its aircraft at both the international and domestic terminals and to ensure that safety was observed.

General manager Henry Elias said this new arrival also contributed to growth at Port Moresby international airport as it was an additional equipment to improve current efficiencies in aircraft refuelling operations.

Elias said since taking over from the Shell aviation business last year, this new truck confirmed PEAL’s commitment to Air Niugini under its supply contract in meeting demands and quality assurance through upgrading its aviation equipment.